Helen Morris Brown
Business Psychologist

 Speaker  Adviser  Coach
020 8340 6577 

I Advise and Coach Senior Teams
and Individuals and Help Them
to Perform at Their Best

“Ultimately it was a very rewarding experience that
I believe has changed the way
I work (and think about work)
for good”

International Marketing Manager, Boden 
Television programmes such as Mary Queen of Shops, The Hotel Inspector and Undercover Boss have become hugely popular over the past few years.   If you've seen any of these shows, you'll probably identify with the challenges and probems that organisations face. You may have even said to yourself, " I wish she/he would come here and sort this lot out!" Hiring Mary Portas or Alex Polizzi may not be an option for you - but there is an alternative..
If you're looking to improve the way your organsiation operates, the way your staff communicate or you want to be more productive, I can probably help.
At a personal level, I specialise is helping people to improve in the following areas:
  • Managing and motivating other people
  • Time-management 
  • Organisation and planning skills
  • Being more productive
If you want to become a  proactive leader rather than a task-focused manager then a coaching programme can help you to reach that goal in a relatively short space of time. My coaching clients typically gain an additional 7–10 working hours a week through improved time-management, delegation and planning skills.
As an adviser, I particularly like working with charities to help them become more structured and more productive with the limited resources available to them.

You don't have to be a charity. I can help any organsiation to improve in the following areas:
  • Strategy and business planning
  • Motivating without money
  • Relationships - personality clashes, communication issues etc
  • Customer service
  • Performance management systems
If you think that your business deserves to improve, pick up the phone for an informal chat. I'd  love to hear about your current challenges.
“Having met and worked with
a fair few management consultants/facilitators/coaches I was very impressed by how loosely Helen held the theory, despite knowing it in great detail. She is people focused, open and flexible. She's also genuinely lovely and warm.” 

Mike Smith, CEO Disability Charity   
“Helen was a great resource and support for me over the last six months. I found her to be very responsive and she quickly picked up on my needs and concerns. Her approach and advice was always professional, clear and constructive. It was a pleasure to work with her. Thank you!” 

Senior Manager, Healthcare Charity