Helen Morris Brown
Business Psychologist

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"I really enjoyed the quick, punchy motivational session. She left us feeling amazed"
What she offers you
Helen shares her knowledge of the psychology of human behaviour, translating scientific theory into practical solutions for people at work. She helps audiences understand emotional and physiological responses to everyday situations, raising awareness of why we behave in certain ways: such as communicating effectively in a digital world, when we have evolved to deal only with face-to-face interactions. Audiences leave her presentations motivated to behave differently and perform better as a result.

"Very effective speaker 
2 or 3 key messages that stick in your head"
"​​​Very inspiring"
How she presents
Having worked in the entertainment industry, Helen knows how to bring psychology and neuroscience to life in her presentations. She keeps the audience engaged by combining comedy, sleight of hand and real-life stories to ensure that all the key points are memorable. She astonishes with illusions that challenge the way we think and enable people to see how the knowledge of neuroscience and psychology can benefit them at home and at work.
The Psychology of
High Performing Teams

Doing What You Said You'd Do
The Art of Getting Stuff Done
The Secrets of a Better
WorkLife Balance Revealed
Communicating Effectively

in a Digital World